Tight spreads. Low fees. Interest-bearing deposits.

By traders. For traders.

Built for TradersTrusted by Leading Traders and Firms
50+Supported Collaterals
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100+Supported Markets
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Efficient, Powerful, and FullyDecentralized
Fully On-chain OrderbookPowered by the Serum limit orderbook, decentralized from top to bottom.
Interest-earning DepositsAll deposits earn passive APY through 01's borrow lending pools.
Cross-CollateralIncrease capital efficiency by collateralizing directly with any tokens.
Cross-MarginAugment buying power through leverage that is shared across all positions.
Low feesSub-milli-cent blockchain transactions fees, only on Solana.
Instant transactionsTrades executed instantly, confirmed in seconds (instead of hours elsewhere).
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January 27th, 2022
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